Often people set priorities, goal and set their minds on doing things. Corporations and nonprofit organizations always have sessions where the goals are set and after that the teams start off strategizing. Plans are made and implemented and they are followed up with managers trying to achieve the targets. 

I have been a frequent flyer due to my job. Today as I boarded the flight took my seat and started to settle, the usual customary checklist was followed by the flight crew and they showed us how to use the safety items in case of an emergency. This announcement made me start thinking that how insane is the whole idea of the flight crew telling us what to do in case of an emergency and how to proceed. I looked up the chances of a flight accident and realized that the performance of all the airlines is actually measured in six sigma, which to me as a layman means that they have actually achieved more than 99.9 % accuracy. 

If they have achieved this then why do they have to keep bugging the passenger with the safety procedures all the time and so meticulously? 

The answer to that question is that their priorities are set and that is the safety of the passengers. To achieve the highest safety they have to follow a set standard and this keeps them from falling off the sky. 

What does our life look like? Do we have our priorities set and what are they? Most of us have our priority set to achieve high goals and that may involve us to be part of a corporation or an organization and there we slog our lives of trying to get the money rolling. The hope of a better future makes us calculate how much we will earn and take loans and mortgages. This, in turn, leads us to get stressed out and keeps us enslaved to the promise of a better future. 

We forget to live in the present and start living in the future, we set our priorities on things that we don’t even know will ever come to pass. The worry of the future constantly haunts us and many of us even get paranoid. The interesting thing is that no one knows what the next moment in their life is going to be. 

The point that I am trying to make is that we should set goals and priorities in life but that should not make us sweat and stressed out. We need to balance our future with our present and live a life that gives us joy today. Find joy and happiness in small things like the budding of a flower or the smile on the face of a child or the dog wagging its tail.

In the race of life, we have to get the priorities right, there are things that we can control and then there are things that we cannot control, never be tensed for the things that you could not have control over. However, the things that we have control over needs to be taken care of and nurtured. 

Making the right priorities in life is the way to keep yourself happy and eventually make you wise and wealthy also.