Life is a journey and the walk of life is marked by incidences 
As I look back and try to recreate the life that has been,
I see spikes of Rage, anger and violence. They have marred my very existence.
I think and try and evaluate the reason for these outbursts.
Looking at life I realize that these are incidences which I could not control.
The loss of control has been the fall and reason for this. 
Rage is an expression of losing battles. Were they battles?
Life gives us situations which can be handled in multiple scenarios.
I choose rage and violence. They marred me and made me.
I am who I am because of what I did in the past. 
I cannot change that and have to live with these thoughts. 
The scares remain but they can be forgiven, and they have been forgiven on the cross.
Thanking Jesus for the gift of forgiveness is all that I can do when I look back at the life I have lived.