Everyone has failed in life and we have gone into a time of desperation. I have seen people end their life with the fear of failure and depression is a common outcome of failure. Along with depression comes the trauma of many psychosomatic problems. Life is not easy and it’s a long journey. How do we deal with the issue and problems that come our ways?

Today as I was reading the newspaper I saw an article that described how a little girl took her life due to the various stresses that she had. She was a good student and got good grades in class and topped her class all the time.

This made me wonder where is it that we have fallen short, how could we rectify our perspective to handle life.

Thomas Edison says ”I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” “Many failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

What Thomas Edison says is that we need to learn how to fail? 

We do not need to learn how to succeed but we surely need to learn how to fail. We have to keep striving to achieve, however, every way or path that we take might not be wrong but they might not lead to the desired outcome.

For far too long we have defined failure in a very negative and demeaning way.  Failure is not a bad thing in life, it is a great motivator. When we fail we need to have the capability to analyze and move on without making the same errors again.  The wheels of failure will not be broken if we do not change the elements in the operation.

Along with that, we should take learnings from every failure. The most important thing is that we need not stay at the point of failure and we need to move on.

Like success, failure is also not a point where we stay for a long time. We have to move on. Time is not any man’s slave and keeps moving. Along with the time we also need to move from either of these points. When we succeed we take notes and start for the next goal in life. In the same way, we need to move on when we are not succeeding in a particular thing and get on our way to get what we started to in the first place.

There are people who are capable of failing and getting up by themselves, then there are people who need a support system to get up. We as a social being, need to be with our peers, elders, and friends to move from these points of failure.

Today our society has become very individualistic and that is what is the main problem. Throughout the evolution and creation of human society, man has been social and the support system that we get from talking to people helps us get out from these times of failure.

Today we also have professionals who do the work of listeners and help these individuals to come out of the wheel of failures.

I would like to end with an old Proverb;

” fools despise wisdom and discipline.”