I wrote a couple of days back about Goal settings and why it’s important. Today’s topic is how to do Goal setting. The way I prescribe use an unconventional way but it takes the full picture into account.

Almost everyone has ideas of what to do with their life. What many don’t have is the knowledge to turn those ideas into realities, and as result, are never able to realize their dreams. Planning steps that will guide toward goals will help individuals achieve their mission in life; an easy task when the following seven basic steps are followed.

Establish your goal. Everyone has one, although many haven’t fully realized what theirs may be. A clear understanding of your goal is necessary in order to begin taking steps to achieve it. Defining what you really want to achieve may make the steps to reach them seem more clear to you.

The best way to do it is by moving backwards, start by writing your own obituary. Think what you want to write as your obituary. Then write what the people at large would write and finally write what your family and loved ones will write.

Based on this, write down if this is what your end goal is and if this is the way that your life is headed. Once you have done these think of what you actually want in life and state it out. This is what your vision statement of life will be , a vision statement is important. As this enables you to make smaller goals so that you can take one step at a time to complete your final vision.

Confirm your commitment to your goal. Are you truly willing to work toward the goal? If there are sacrifices to be made, are you ready to make them? If you believe strongly in your goal, you should be ready to meet conflict head-on and devote yourself to its cause. Are the sacrifices you may need to make truly worth the final goal?

Determine a timeline for your goal. Are you at the starting point, beginning from scratch? Or do you already have a head start? Knowing the time required to achieve your goal will be helpful in establishing your steps. It will also give you an idea of the time you will need to devote daily, working to make your goal a reality.

Overcome any doubts or obstacles. Take a hard look at barriers you may encounter or have already encountered in the path towards your goal. Develop methods of clearing the way to your success if you can, and be prepared to alter plans if you cannot. The strength of your belief in your goal should be your best weapon against outside conflicts.

Create the steps that will lead to your goal. You’ve set your goal, established where you are currently and where you want to end up in your goal. Now you must fill in the blanks by setting steps. Is there both a slow and fast method of arriving at your goal? Which method fits your plans best?

Stay motivated with small victories. Set little goals each day that are easily attained. Not only will these small victories keep you highly motivated, but each will also bring you closer and closer to your goal.

Stay organized. Make journals, keep a blog or carry a smartphone. Make note of each step you take, positive and negative, that will keep you focused on the next step you will need to take. Learn from any mistakes, and celebrate each accomplishment. Continually monitor the progress of your steps and ensure you are on track.

Achieving your goal, whatever it may be, will be an extremely satisfactory victory by adopting seven steps. Just as a budding business enterprise first forms their mission statement to outline the ultimate purpose behind their organization, planning steps to achieve your goal will keep you focused on the outcome; turning your dream into a reality.