As I look into the mirror I see the original person that I am
I hide that person in a charade of deception and mask his existence.
As I walk into the world the deceptions become the reality of my life.
I walk around in a suit of lies and from within that, I judge the people.
I look down on the rest of the world and tell them that they are wrong.
Hypocrisy becomes my second skin and I love it, it hides my own deceptions.
I go around looking for victims to scorn and to torment them.
As night follows I walk back home and slowly try to take out the deception.
In the darkness of the night, all the deception’s are gone and the true realization comes in.

As days becomes years and years become decades.
I start sleeping with the deception and th make belief world become my reality.
Deep down I still know who I am.
It’s just a charade and deceptions build on lies and hypocrisy.
I need help but there is no one. 
I see the dim light some times and hope to walk out of this someday.
The courage and strength in my bones are gone.
I know I need to move towards the light and set myself free.
The cross is the bridge and Jesus Christ is the light.
Help me, my Lord, to cross the bridge towards the light.