I have seen many New Years. The hype around the 31st of December, actually the whole of December is amazing! People plan what they will do during the New Year eve, family and friends get together and spend time together.

People even go ahead and make new year resolutions, for many the 1st is a day of new hope that a new year gets. However, there are countless people for whom actually nothing changes. Then there are the ones who greet the 1st day of the year with a bad Hangover.

What I would like to ask you today is, how are you going to spend 2020?

One day does not make any difference ! It’s all about how you pace your days. It’s not the resolution that’s going to make a difference.

It has always comes down to the fact that everything become mundane and a routine sets in. For most people this is what they call as being settled.

I am an entrepreneur by spirit and God made me that way. I give God the glory for this. When the work or task gets over and I have finished the initial setup God moves me to another setting. To start something completely new. Every time it’s been an adventure and the possibility of working at new a beginning, Setting new Goals and Objectives is what has driven me.

Having said this, the fact is whatever I have done, I have done it consistently till the work is over and that’s what makes all the difference. This coming year I have plans to take up new assignments and the way I will do it is what matters.

It’s all about our perspectives. This year I have not laid out any resolution but have actually set Goals for myself.

The word Goals sometime is frightening, the truth is, it’s not! A Goal is something that you want to achieve and you actually set a plan in motion to achieve it. Take steps to complete it and that’s about it.

The goals that you set for yourself should always be more than what you know you can achieve. If you set it low, your standards will never improve and if you set it up too high it will seem impossible and you will not give up as it would seem undoable. So always set a goal higher than what you know you can achieve but lower than impossible.

Always have a tangible metric to measure it. The best way to achieve a goal is to measure yourself periodically. See if you have achieved 1st level within the specified time frame. Change the way you are doing it if the results are not good. Being agile and systematic is what enables us to move ahead faster learning and improving in the course of time.

One of the most important factor to achieve a goal is to be consistent and persistent in whatever you do. Do not get discouraged , keep moving forward. Never give up!

One of the ways to achieve your goals is tell your goals to people around you so that you are accountable to yourself and them.

Get people onboard with your goal so that they might be part of it and help you in building it.

Take concrete steps to followup and complete the periodic steps. Do evaluations of the achivements and change the strategies as and when needed.

Coming up next is how to set goals, what could be your goals and how to achive those goals.